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Clinical Challenge: Spy Game, Part II

Jul 15, 2013 | Clinical Challenge | 0 comments

2.  THE DRIVE BY.  This exercise is an adaptable version of ‘The Room Review’.   This exercise is done while you are walking past a patient’s room, chair or treatment area.  This exercise is also more fun when you bring a colleague along for the ride!

THE STEPS:  Both you and your nursing colleague start at a point approximately one room away from your patient room or treatment area.  Start walking at a normal pace and walk past your patient’s room or treatment area.  With only one long look into the patient’s room, take note of as many things as you can… clinical and non-clinical… as you walk by.  Don’t stop to take a second look [unless your patient is in trouble]… just keep walking.  The observation shouldn’t last more than 2 minutes.

THE TEST:  When you both return to the Nurses Station, or your desk, take out your paper.  Set your timer again for 5 minutes.  Then you both write as many observations: clinical and non-clinical as you can within the 5 minutes.

THE OBJECTIVE:  What stood out to you as potential problems… at any problem level?  Did any of the observations set off your Nightingale Spidey sense? Why?  Compare your answers with your colleague.  Did you come up with the same observations?  The same number of observations?  The same Nightingale Spidey alerts?


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