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What is your ONE THING?

Jul 15, 2013 | Inspiration | 0 comments

Nurses are experts at looking at every angle possible. Sometimes it is helpful… But sometimes it can be distracting, overwhelming and put a stop to inspiration and dreams…

Every day in our patient care… we look at every angle possible… histories, admission complaints, medications to get ordered, medications to get started, physicians to call, questions to ask, lines to get in, foleys to place, who is with the patient, coordinating going to CT scan, with my other patient care, getting a new glass of water that I keep forgetting about for my other patient… bathroom and lunch [yeah, right!].  We are experts at putting it all together!

If you are like me, and I know you are… I’m not the only one out there who grabs up a handful of items on my way to one room in my house, because I can stop on the way and hit all the rooms on my way to the living room, and get it all done at the same time.

I can’t even watch a movie without thinking… “How did they do that?”, “What happened after they got together?”, “Where did they get that?”…

Through each nursing position I’ve had in my career, I have been inspired to create some kind of project from it…

  • Patient teaching tools
  • Patient Health Journals – great teach tools to buy or create that keep all of the patient’s information together in one place
  • ‘Be a Prepared Patient’ community talks – about patient information cards, knowing your medications and , Living Wills
  • A book on ‘Nursing Wit and Wisdom’
  • Participating in mentoring nurses with the Oncology Nursing Society’s Mentor Project
  • A chapter on Work Life Balance for the 2nd edition of the Oncology Nursing Society’s Nursing Management graduate textbook
  • Creating orientation programs
  • Preceptor I and Preceptor II programs:  general preceptor theory and designing unit based preceptor education
  • Nursing retreats to re-energize, network and brainstorm
  • Support classes for oncology patients from my ‘Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotion, The Soul of Cancer’ support classes
  • Integrated medicine professional networking groups based on a short-lived project called, ‘Salon de Sante’ I co-hosted with Sara Davenport
  • Graduate studies in Natural Health and Natural Nutrition
  • Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Creating my own nursing consulting business
  • Just to name some of the ones I’ve actually done and started

We have so many ideas and plans that come across our lives and inspire us to do great things!

For me, I loved creating all these projects!  I always have 70 things going on in my head, and on my wall in my home office.  If I only had enough clones of me to do it all!  I am always inspired, passionate and excited about each project, but at the same time, frustrated and feeling stuck in how to do it all!

I was working all the time, even if it was trying to develop one of the projects, networking with like-minded people that would come into my path, and brainstorming with business and nursing coaches about how to do these projects!  But I would do one, and have to put it on the shelf while I went with the passion of another… and so on and so on, until I had developed and done a little bit of them all, but wasn’t doing all of them as much as I would like!  I wanted to do so much, yet I felt I was really doing only little bits of all of them.

One of my favorite projects was my book, “Nursing Wit and Wisdom”. [Sound familiar?]  It was a  book I wrote in 2009 that included all the things I have gathered in my proverbial bag of tricks over the years… from wisdom, to experiences, to things I say to my patients all the time.  I also did a survey of nurses I worked with and nurses I knew and included their wisdoms in the book as well.  I loved that project!  I self-published it and was very blessed to have sold quite a few books the first year and it keeps selling!  An updated edition is in the works and will be available here and everywhere soon!

We often get tangled up in thinking of the massive web of intricacies of thoughts, complications, perceived roadblocks and stoplights… that we basically cut off the dream before we even start!

But somewhere in there… there is ONE THING… that keeps the dream alive.  Something about it that is the core of why we dream it in the first place.  ONE THING that doesn’t even SEE any of the roadblocks… Doesn’t care about the roadblocks… Crushes the roadblocks… and ONLY SEES the dream, the possibility, the win…

Even though I was frustrated, I knew, that even more, I LOVED INSPIRING PEOPLE!  I LOVED INSPIRING NURSES!

I was excited and passionate about each of the projects I created!  I loved the creativity of doing my own projects!  And I loved that people loved the work I was creating.

I wanted to do all of them!  But I couldn’t figure out… yet… how to create an environment where I could do it all…

Then, when I was working with Business Coach, Terry Starck of LifePoint Strategies, I read a book called, “Refuse to Choose: A Revolutionary Way for Doing Everything You Love”, by Barbara Sher.  I had read about Barbara Sher’s work before and even participated in an ‘Idea Party’ by a consultant of hers.  She is a personal and career coach that has written a number of books and presentations for PBS on career and life coaching ideas.  When you see, read or hear her, you can’t help but be mesmerized!

So… I was reading her book… ‘Refuse to Choose…’.  It is about people she calls ‘Scanners’.  Those that like to do many different things.  And, not just ‘like to have a few hobbies’… but are passionate… in their mind, body, soul and bones… about each project.  But they get frustrated because time and life often get in the way.

Holy Cow!!! She was talking about me!  Are you one of those people too?

And what she said, was … to EMBRACE my Scanner passions!  It was a GOOD THING to be excited and want to do so many projects!  It was ok!  That there were ways and ideas on how to make it all work.

The MAIN THING was that I loved to inspire people and create ways to do it!  THIS WAS MY ONE THING!!

That’s when I KNEW that somehow, some way, I was going to be able to do all of these projects!

Then, skip ahead about 2-3 years… [still Scanning…] and I hear about Wishlist Products and the online class they are doing on creating membership sites. …

Boom!  Pow!  Stars!  Wow!  Seriously!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Here was my answer!

What an amazing way to do ALL my ideas, and more… in one place, that would have more possibilities, creativity and outreach than I could have ever dreamed!  And, so… was born…




  • What is something you are dreaming about for your nursing career?
  • What inspired that dream?
  • What is that ONE THING for you?
  • How are you keeping that dream alive?
  • What is a step you could do today to move your dream forward?

Write it down!  Write on a big poster board!  Write it on your bathroom or bedroom mirror!  Write it on your wall!  [I write on my mirrors all the time – use a white board marker, and it will come right off when you need it too.  But it’s fun!  Try it!]

Print out this Action Sheet:  July 2013:  What is Your One Thing? to help you write your ideas down.

The roadblocks are just a checklist to walk through.  And you can.  And you will.

Leave a Comment below, and share with us your ONE THING!  We would love to hear about it and cheer you on!


The ONE THING will keep your dream alive.

Keep it in front of you. 

It is your compass.



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