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What Do I Want?

Jan 1, 2015 | Education | 0 comments

Dear Nightingales and Friends,

Happy 2015!!  What were some of the things you are celebrating about what you did in 2014?  I know there were some…  Even if you think you didn’t accomplish what you wanted… I know you accomplished some little steps.  Celebrate those!

Do you know what you want in 2015?

Do you know why you want it?  How you will achieve it?  What it will mean to you?

Any goal or item we wish to accomplish, attain or achieve has meaning to us in one.. or all… of four ways:  Mind, Body, Emotion or Spirit.  Each one of these serves a purpose.

When we understand how our goal fits into these four areas, we have made an interactive connection to it.

And when your soul connects to your goal, you will jump any hurdle, change the way you look at time, stay focused and understand that the time and energy you give to accomplishing your goal is worth what it can do for the rest of your life.

What are your top goals for 2015?

Even if you have just one… that is great!

DOWNLOAD the NURSING WIT AND WISDOM ACTION SHEET:  WHAT DO I WANT?  to help you start thinking about what you want in 2015!

In order to achieve a goal, you need to understand why you want it!

By answering questions about each section:  Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit, you can assess the connection to have to each of your goals.  It’s really not difficult… because inside… you already know the answers.

  • Our MINDS help us PROCESS or analyze things in our lives.  It helps us PRIORITIZE what is important to us.
  • Our BODIES make us AWARE of the physical effects of our thoughts and actions as well as the effects of our environment or situation on our body.  It creates a feeling of NEED.
  • Our EMOTIONS indicate how we REACT… to a thought, a desire, a situation or an environment.  Our EMOTIONS help us determine what we WANT in order to achieve a certain emotional feeling or perspective of who we are.
  • Our SPIRITS tell us about the deep, deep MEANING of how this goal will affect who we believe we are and who we want to be.  It may come to us in DREAMS.

Does your goal or dream have SUBSTANCE and COMMITMENT for you?

How do you know?  What is it?  How do you use it to stay focused to the end?

If we are not committed to our goal or dream in a tangible way that we can feel… that makes us tingle at the thought of accomplishing it…

If we don’t daydream about being in the world that our goal would create for us…

We may not be committed to it.

And that is ok… AS LONG AS you realize that you aren’t committed to it and usually… that means you won’t finish.

If that is you… no worries!  What did you come to understand?

What would you change?  What do you need to change?  Do you have an underlying idea or feeling of what you would rather do instead?

What is your new direction?

DOWNLOAD the NURSING WIT AND WISDOM ACTION SHEET:  WHAT DO I WANT?  to help you see if you are aligned with your goal.

There are things we seek to achieve in our lives that make us who are are and who we will become.

They will challenge everything we have inside us sometimes, to achieve them.

Those are the goals and dreams that will align to evolve you into the BEST YOU CAN BE!!!

How you choose to:

  • DISCOVER what they are
  • NUTURE how they affect you
  • RESPECT the process of your own growth and evolution and,
  • HONOR the dreams and goals inside your head

Will determine your SUCCESS!!

And the achievement of each goal has a ripple effect…

Out towards your environment, your relationships, your work, your colleagues, your clients, your children, your pets.  EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE!

Which will ripple back to you.

Are you aligned with your goals?


I applaud you!!! For taking this step and walking through the process to not only align yourself with your goals, but consider if you are on the path you want to be!  Today’s homework is not hard… for inside, you already know the answers.

Now, you can see them in neon lights!  Know for SURE what you want!  And have the support you will want, to keep you going all the way through to the end!

Happy New Year Nightingales and Friends!!! I wish you a happy, healthy, fun, creative and magical 2015!!


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