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Can Nurses Learn From A High School Football Team?

Jan 5, 2015 | Nursing News | 0 comments

Nightingales, this is such a great idea!

Hobbs Football Players Team Up With Kids Getting Bullied

On my unit, myself and some of the other senior precepting staff have stepped up and taken new nurses who have had some difficulty with bullying under our wing. We look out for great assignments, have us assigned in their pod, check in frequently to see how they are doing, invite, engage them in impromtu learning opportunities, have meal breaks together and encourage meals together with the group.

THE OUTCOME HAS BEEN FANTASTIC! Our new nurses are more engaged than ever, transitioning out of orientation easier and are socializing easier into our groups.
It has made for happier staff all around!

I don’t believe there is a place for bullying in a profession that focuses on caring for others.

What ideas have worked for you?

[Originally posted 01/05/2015]


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