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Clinical Challenge: Let’s Get Ready For That Job Interview!

Nov 15, 2019 | Clinical Challenge | 0 comments

“Climbing the ladder without conscious thought, experience and wisdom is only about power.”  Audrey Friedman RN

So you’ve had your eye on that new position, have you?  It’s exciting to think of a new challenge!  New opportunities!  New environments!  New people to meet!  You have a lot of experience to offer!  You are ready!

It’s something you’ve been wanting to do.  You believe you’ve trained for it.  You believe you are ready for it.  You believe you can do it.  You believe you deserve it.

Now, have you prepared yourself for the interview process?

When you take time to prepare for the Interview, two things happen… 1)  you get very clear on why you want this position and what it means to you and your career and, 2) you have trained to be thoughtful and mindfully conscious about considering what is the interview process.

The interview process is an initial, and potentially superficial way to triage candidates for employment positions.  It is virtually impossible to fully understand someone’s skill, experience and potential, reviewing a resume and doing a one hour interview.  It takes skill to interview someone and be able to see important aspects of education, experience, interaction and answers that give clues to picking the right person.  There is also an instinct involved in picking the right person.  The right person can add so much value to the job, the environment, the employees and management.  They are like a gift.  The wrong person may not be defined immediately, but when the difficulties begin to surface, it can cause a ripple effect through staff morale, unit processes, and efficiency that can be arduous, painful and fragile to rectify.

We can get in a hurry… to hire quickly and fill the spot.  Urgency can sidestep careful consideration.  We also need to reflect on what we consider is the right person.  Their resume had all the right qualifications.  Well, maybe, except for one or two things.  They interviewed well, used all the right words and right ideas.  Were the answers too formal?  Was it stress?  Was it social prowress?  Was it honest?  How do you know?

On the other hand, to a prospective interviewee, the time interval from the interview to a final decision may seem like it takes forever.  If you are the one searching for a job, waiting for decisions on your 30 interviews is definitely nerve wracking.  Do you keep interviewing?  Bills need to be paid!  Recruiters can court you seductively and fiercely.  They meet you at the door like you are a VIP.  Then after the interview, their response can leave you wanting… why won’t they return my calls?  When will I find out?  Do you keep interviewing?  Do you keep calling for follow-up? You do stop by and bring cookies?

There needs to be careful consideration, preparation and wisdom on both sides.

So, how do you make an impression that puts you at the top of the list?

Preparation starts with the job search it self.  Jobs can have all kinds of meaning at the moment we are in a job search.  Is your job to pay the rent?  Start a career?  Supplement your education or a current job?  Upscale your present job?  Move forward with higher education?  Fulfill a calling?  All of those are perfect reasons!  Just know that when you start searching so you can match your own qualifications with what you are looking for.  In addition, if you are not finding a job for your calling and need a job to pay the rent, know that too.  Be responsible and take care of your business while you keep looking.




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