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I am so excited to share this with you!

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Dear Nightingales and Friends,

I am so excited to share with you the 2nd edition of my book!  There is so much wisdom and humor that we share with each other, new nurses, new staff and our patients and their families every day!

Some of it, I have discovered for myself, becomes my introduction that I use for each new patient.  For example, here is one that I love…  “Hello, My name is Audrey and I will be your nurse today.  Has anyone told you the rules for the ICU?  One of them is… If you sleep longer than an hour in the ICU, you are not getting your money’s worth.  And as your hostess, I am here to make sure you are happy about that!”  It always gets a laugh!

Others are wisdoms from experience that I share with orientees about organizing their time, keeping patient’s dignity and working as a team.

The 1st edition was originally published in 2009 after I started becoming aware that I had developed my own “schpeel” when talking to patients and new nurses.  I know we all do that!  Each one of us has our favorite wisdoms and humor that we use every day!

After that realization, I did a survey with some of my Nightingale colleagues of their favorite wisdoms.  You will see some of them in the book too.  One of my favorites is from Nancy W., RN:  “Welcome to Nursing!  There will be poop involved!”  That one always gets a laugh from those of us who know only how true it is!!

And my absolute favorite is a story by Karen V., RN about her daughter bringing a new medical toy kit to her work.  A medical resident asked her if she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up.  Her answer will have you stomping your feet in laughter and truth… knowing why nurses always rule!  I love showing that story!

The book also has lots of wisdom in the form of thought-provoking questions about your career… and lots of room to write notes!   “Why are you working in this area?”,  “Are you a mentor or a monster?”

And some of my favorite inspirational thoughts about nursing, work and leadership.

This book is truly a labor of love, to all the Nightingales I have worked with, precepted, taught and been inspired by.

You are all amazing.  You may not realize it every day… but you have enormous wisdom inside you.  I know you will recognize some of the wisdoms in the book as your own as well.

The book is a great opportunity to share our wisdom with others… nurses, nursing students, and even medical students.  Share the wisdom!

Here it is!…

Nursing Wit and Wisdom:  Truths, Humor and Wisdom from the Stethescope to the Bedside, 2nd Edition

By Audrey Friedman RN, CLNC
Released November 21, 2014  *  #1 New Release in Doctors and Medicine Humor on!
“This book should be in the hands of every single nurse on the planet.”  
Sara Davenport, Author/Health and Relationship Specialist A.N.T.W.O.R.C.S. Lifestyle Programs

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Nurses have the unique privilege to have a backstage pass to our patients and families journeys. In the process, we teach, listen, clean up things only your mother or a toxic waste company would touch, and love to wake up doctors in the middle of the night. And hopefully, we inspire and share our wisdom along the way. The journey is not only for them, but for us as well. Our own journey as nurses has been seeded by what we experience. Do you see them as gifts or challenges? Can both inspire you? I hope so! This is a perfect companion for nurses, nursing students, medical students and all those who share in a nurses life. Share it with someone! Inspire and Be Inspired, Nightingales!


“Audrey has done it again!  The 2nd edition of Nursing Wit and Wisdom is full of all the character that makes her insights such as treasure to share.  No need to read in order, each page is a brilliant exploration of the gifts and challenges of nursing, and as always, Audrey brings a wonderfully refreshing perspective to it all!  This book should be in the hands of every single nurse on the planet!    Sara Davenport;  Author/Health and Relationship Specialist; A.N.T.W.O.R.C.S. Lifestyle Programs
“From the beginning of this entertaining yet informative book, the reader is privy to the inner thoughts of nurses who share insight and advice for their colleagues. … This is a must read for everyone and would be a great gift for Nurses Week!  While text books are nice, this is real world advice from nurses in the know.  It is fun, entertaining and useful; what all books should be! Enjoy!”       Pat Stanfill Edens, PhD, RN, FACHE, FAAMA; Senior Consultant, The Oncology Group
“… There is far more than “funny” here.  You have managed to extrat the soul of nursing and place it, amid various whimsical diversions, in a grand light.  This essence I think can be seen, albeit through widely diversse lenses and reference points, by nursing students, aspiring nursing students, young nurses, the old nurse guard – one and all, as well as by a few very special non-nurses scattered across the land and maybe by a couple of doctors.  This is a book for all those who care about the human condition, especially nurses, and especially for those who know enough to appreciate the nurse, or would learn how…”  
John Riddell, RN, CLNC; Excellence Medical Legal Research Consulting, LLC

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