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Welcome back!

Nov 15, 2019 | Announcements, News, Updates | 0 comments

Dear Nightingales and Friends,

After months of reconstructing, reviewing comments and reviews and re-formulating, Nursing Wit and Wisdom is back and I am so excited to share with you what I have got planned!

I absolutely love writing posts on my Nursing Wit and Wisdom Facebook page.  It has been amazing getting to know so many Nightingales around the United States and the world.  As of today, our ‘Likes’ on Facebook have reached over 8000!  It is fabulous that nurses around the world are still interested, inspired and loving nursing.  And even on frustrating days… are looking for a way back to inspiration.


I am very honored to be part of a group that works so hard to care for others in their best and worst times of their lives.  We have the rare honor to be able to be in the intimate, inner circle for people and create influence, inspiration, education and progress in peoples’ lives.

Some of the NEW THINGS Nursing Wit and Wisdom will debut in the coming months are:

1.  Extended blog writings on posts from the Nursing Wit and Wisdom Facebook page.  Sometimes I have to cut thoughts short due to space, or I just want to get a quick thought out fast.  Here, you and I will be able to explore some of those ideas even more!

2.  I will continue to share great resources and news items for and about nurses… career ideas, clinical tools and resources and amazing Nightingales in the news that definitely give us all inspiration.

3.  I will be presenting a program called, ‘The Preceptor Project’. 

It is designed to help nurses learn tools, games, and preceptor skills to increase teaching knowledge and improve both the preceptor and orientee experience.  There will be a variety of ways to benefit and share these tools, including:

 *  educational posts
*  clinical and educational resources
*  individual games
*  educational programs
*  books
*  teleconferences
*  and even group or private mentor/coaching
*** programming will be a combination of free, low-cost and tiered fee opportunities

I love precepting and have over the years developed a method that not only helps:

*  design an orientation program for your unit or office
*  gives specific outlines to what to do during your precepting shift or day
*  provides short,  individual, educational games that help develop clinical skills and critical thinking
*  templates for orientation design, daily journals and evaluation tools
*  planning, education and ideas for transitioning from orientation to staff with ‘Transition Mentor’ programming

I have saved some of my favorite posts from the initial debut of Nursing Wit and Wisdom. 

So take a peek at the previous posts and share them around.  Be sure to leave comments!

And, most of all Nightingales, I would love to hear from you:

*  what kind of topics you would like to talk about  
*  what kind of resources would help you the most
*  how I can best be of service to you!
So write in the comments or Click on the ‘Contact Us’ button and leave me a note.

I look forward to working with you, talking with you… and being inspired with you!

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Inspire and Be Inspired, Nightingales!




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