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What makes the perfect nursing job?

Nov 15, 2019 | Inspiration | 0 comments

Dear Nightingales,

I often hear these questions from nurses: “I don’t know if I can do this job.” and, “How do I know if I am in the right place?”  Is there a perfect place for me?… nursing career

At one time or another in your nursing career, you will ask yourself these questions and more.  You will have days that inspire you.  You will have days where you are mesmerized by the miracle that is the human body, the human spirit and the human condition.  You will have days where even you will be amazed at your brilliance at putting the pieces together and seeing pieces or actions that need to be taken that no one else has seen.

And you will have days where your amazement will be focused on the degradation that people do to themselves and to each other.  Where you question your purpose.  Where you question our purpose as a medical and nursing community.  Where you are so tired.  Where you don’t think your inner constitution can walk into that room even one more time.

peacefully gazing at the ocean

Questions are good.  

Keep asking questions.  

And keep listening to the answers you hear in your head, in your heart, in your spirit.  

This is the answer I heard in my heart when I asked these same questions… and it changed my whole perspective…

“What makes the perfect nursing job?  

Is it money? Is it using a new degree? Is it the perfect hospital, clinic, office? Is it the perfect specialty? Is it the perfect people? Is it the perfect patients? Is it the perfect location?
Is it the perfect schedule?

The answer is “yes”.

At some point in your life, in your career, the answer to each of these questions is going to be yes.

The “perfection” is the symbiosis of the question and the answer in your heart.

Will it change?


How often?

That depends on you. Each place has been provided to you for a reason… a skill, a task, a theory, a life lesson…

When you learn the lesson, one of two things will happen…

You will find a reason for going on to the next place. Or,

You will find a reason for staying.

Do you have to learn the lesson?


But then your days, or nights of disconnect, of mourning, of yearning, of irritation, of wishing… … will turn into weeks, into months, into years… Of discontent.

Which will feed all the other parts of your life.

Which will be missed opportunities to find your answers.

Discontent isn’t about a day, a cranky patient, a rude physician, a rude co-worker… it is inside… inside your soul.

And it is because you didn’t listen…

The one who sees the answer is the one who asked the question.

Ask the question.

Then listen…  “



Nightingales,  you have the unique privilege to be in the inner circle of some of the best and worst times in peoples’ lives.

For whatever reason you chose nursing, in some way, it chose you.

And if you let it… neither of you will ever be the same.


Inspire and Be Inspired!

All my best,




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