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The Top 5 Reasons The Emergency Department Is A High Risk For Errors

Dec 16, 2019 | Nursing News | 1 comment

If you have ever been to an Emergency Department, you know it can be busy, chaotic and highly emotional.
As the most common entry point to the hospital, this is where patients and families come sick, scared, overwhelmed, frustrated and easily dissatisfied if things don’t go fast enough.

The Emergency Department is also one of the highest risk areas of the hospital.

Consider the nature of an Emergency Department… unknowns and high pressure.

The Top 5 Reasons the Emergency Room is at high risk for errors include:

1. the flow of patients is UNPREDICTABLE.
2. there is a CONSTANT PRESSURE TO QUICKLY assess, diagnosis and treat patients
3. there is a LACK OF PREVIOUS RELATIONSHIP with the patient and knowledge about their conditions
4. the VARIETY OF UNKNOWNS including conditions and ages of patients is enormous
5. there are NEW TRENDS of hiring new nurse graduates with little or no previous nursing or medical experience
In such an environment, you have to be able to assess, interpret, plan, intervene and evaluate patient problems and conditions quickly. It takes the ability to quickly gain rapport with patients and families amid age, condition and culture factors in order to gain information and make decisions.

Careful analysis of the medical records for care issues is essential for evaluating merit and building a case.

A Legal Nurse is a great resource in your case toolbox to review the medical records and analyze case issues.

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